Author’s Note: Hello world!

You know, the default title is “Hello world!” I was trying to think of something else, but honestly, I think this one works just fine.

Sorry, I should introduce myself. I have this nasty habit of going up to meet someone, having a great conversation, and then walking away only to realize moments later that I never told them my name. I’m sure there are dozens of people out there who know that I accidentally danced with Miss Texas or hold my middle school’s mile record, but can’t recall for the life of them the name of the kid they were just talking to. Sorry. My fault. If you’re out there, my name’s Nick Cruickshank. As of 10:14pm, August 19th, 2015, two days before I leave my family for some place called “UPenn” in the heart of Philadelphia, I’m 18 years, 8 months, two days, and 18 hours old. Yeah. Four in the morning. Sorry mom.

I’m an informal writer. I don’t like big words. I don’t like long sentences unless I can slip a joke in there somewhere. I have an immense hatred for the pretentious-word-of-choice-nowadays, “scintillating”. I’m no literati. I just like to tell a microphone my stories and switch it to text on the playback.

Expect to see a lot of writing about running, “marching” band, and that time I accidentally danced with Miss Texas. And hey, who knows what’s going to come out next week? I don’t. This is An Autobiography in Progress.

Scroll down to see recent chapters and more!

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